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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  February 17, 2016 10:35pm-11:37pm MST

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ofheteutpaig s yhe bach," w stpedndre, nopg the olympics will select us. we have a go. the a. olyic commiee unveiled ticial lo en o city'sost popur backttoo it a great logo for a community dance studio, the olympi'm not sure. it's okay but i think we need make this morerentf los s. we can do that shat.lahter [ cheers and applause state rd, tly rdas wld b aatew l r the rs o. hatwe he ve thy pem ing t olympic b 24
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haught t f an ympi sinpool doy have dthldn. fs mhis ekre yeste i r apope, sangeatpeno hsg ople cawatcthhef ddrt yli atom in th crhe spp n'no h yd a bu is ki ofun t see pi-off ho sa laught eepplaus simleth y ha hying st b tio n gat.
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you. gll le >>myle b, noo . poco >> guill. psident obama eotnkote e.ened i ceo lievtrp n be an recseav h hepe y r t g pdese it'sotti ak sh.dienceg ] >>excusee?ios a tal snd is ryerus b. sthe othedhech umo
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mad.oh,eoearthooprah.maeon getoo sio stfikarni ty othksvi b tellou someing, ama.eryute e iinut howeep ame ofattamyoki about that? ch ae ]asouigpe,onped nativ tes cnttoo.dona t andepub are off aown halluth caronightca, t uz, anrco rubiquar ofmoowsruereb bushndohnch p sownton himndall. hha a res in gunt iwd remo o hped remo a
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jo>> whos e yourhaook acver ther comee. sait.ll y wha fntnd ofas li 'tnaie.n'ow, >>immy n uerd e rdth, coul ae tns?ohye r?,anelp me? id, iel i n't gonna lie to wh ynt kind wittle itonnae. you're best wefar. >> jimmy:ohll right, youc
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[ cheers and erone me and kased newap gheaps cadas me ithemoro anxcorld and e a way ingre at youome hoonceou dnoa t yo inoger
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okeson puma, ed bacanfort sen s.e aouemtady 'slo ctf bnd d m haiylie en ashxcitin w fash we think ofting d infenal female toli thicaairealhow hare you thin? emke iu'd n a more timdeight have meo u. theaso thiisfunny, kyn-ny-- we- works csely wit as the ation hnslicly oihappwe0%re ne be iemath'sfa1,0% li in easteam it littlessn nsout. i'll say something, e.
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pr ttoes t ppo e nn-wes. e alst tgh ofaw sean i losanges. esc ar afr non abc.dear e tedest pie, is a movies. aeh othmies to helouci wch o the y nto iee t feh temof t y. lri and how reviewna diio's." tion i'm talng mie bend isat "renni leorddiio llillyoouplyo evybynk tt di a om o an. , -hu
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do vie waqdohevir, bberdere i d ,"heov wit n yo,at y n" tom nat, nkwar. ow tteard ke. n'tkn,eo sai pantly w'to s wch nbees nses jumpp hi ath t tthnd hi- youowt's azy, omyloth zoo,er cseth imal, itan y cahe't mal.
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cocathean oo oo n oducoolu wahi mov. laht ] [ eersndppus]im: hhetisn t. ndd any oft? my: aeenage in flo trouble forpeprac prind the ges parttofalit.ristaonr aveor t sic. st, beightba! haha gon do geoua here 'm g h fun
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who n tink when o? tc gnahe? i he funnaral fu baby!
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ckmeen mziic hrplet ofi cappene i knasised w arrested yestda prestenttending a dtor runis own fak med tice.he hn offindeverything.he's18.authors becauspici when d a mgrt ng aayg t w"b rbig nsbe tsuiteisalre >> detti 18lach ing micin thoulicense. wen l on eua en h hdrapeng rt f newesalhliom i a doc whuali ?mel a orteove
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peernicgn tt'st hayhaau >>te,t ac i soonut,dinap a>>: ri w everybodreaking heut a snatched out t baby.appiest moments of by the whonks kctor. [ nd appla i hope ao eten te o lawye wn i shows u ur issnoeroo he are a lotfndua yes tre o ppl wave rangectio tru g u.te opeonplenuheon way ho metsincdavifterhe t "bafteal s." >> yokay whato havedo yave ye.he>> meertape
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ok rerhasfo >>f my headaloff. >> yr hea't >>ye it wi >> nies, it's not t fa ay. what's ngay et no how come? >> bse ifead falff cr me. >> ihear, ? oka la ]plse. >>immy:oorpa.even d d glsd? i would watch sw out of pple coming out of the deis offi e a no as pr
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he. or anounhi to tr t s cv photo s shot over and then having sex with her. have a g ewgi megan us. ndpp f myarwi artis out ofnaville, hapns t one offatehr stapn.[ eers appe ] ch hasn wor o -- wo apl grr end. hen a speal alm. the coepakenhe mt in engsh lanag and turned them into th>>ust himwo>>haouyi want tohayo >>riminsos th
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teut mewwher ate m . ewor o s ntie anti el marpa my m. ecseooe adyf" brenda snd
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>>va y. h your's>>. scr sumotum tumumum rotu awe li a the breaut lov o 16- ou mst so juicmot wn iui alsfeel mo w mfe whoug, dynd>> cis n'riororr nownd get fe te ofntme >> oent! laughter ] [ cheersnd appla j: t chs.
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wa tonighthshusicrom riton, fot zie,ri eers and >>ncerrtioy live brt to yo's: me oe cislffent vengle, double andrie.f inesti. li loo sit wiougoin iorcheo wiop you tty eveing fa. s h op g. inki o ng aeking my fi'g flighek...w phot s. phot
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mme y uitsutand ic mes rt ofy ery colited. larar. fd derofood inattle of brs, ada "declaracious"... t-leafed lettuce anedomatoes.ora perft untwn 100% beef, cheesmouth...
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mh that will," tureomioren mcke here terro shvie,nnesse ust wworamm this albuled "trave" setonmsaun sttomorright "sca," kerrwashin frome ones, nicsdoste f de. fus come enhoh s on thestrs wti i hnedelion esda nights on t sw "n rl on fo
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j you hen bee h a--ivees somhing >> t iwas2009 jimmydii setng ible athg we -- ime,ouays do jhooueeuavwo l no a-yolana yearld[ eendppus im:hat arehe ys' nas? knowas oerone,odie t . jmy nhd bole an ntbrk." i ipireby"pnt eak"uts a spitual ndha becom enliedened, it's shortat. >>immy: you gn a household b ddhisthousold? grewin ateco ho's southchrist th aplehate lesnak pe gtingol ghos and speak in allhe t so ten
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tea majewelr's aorssive t up in. t iave - i ln lef th j:e,ah.e nke ihe house nday no toyn ar nt b c noah wea des. ally? ouanever u wt toin m use. my: yourinstagraouibe y as of th ckeemph, lunar leoher godd t t bn voluonar >>ye>> jmy: theoyshe ar bemvoieheinedehei prnath .they t you w they ar i yorepe to . >> jimmy nhsa,'m hean lutiar the oer oiduewh, u ather one. >>me,to
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isoing c to as th k t all going more a rebelou y leo? tt'sas my moons in th thathat i ciate with. rt of --the alwaysspotligh jim bie th what ink aastr - lomebods born on the same y, tsn make tme al hi, rht?ut'solary toevythi.soitign yan itespects oth gave pect he obvious tk on the gativepect jimmy tnk s ye, he rely did. and i ces w every inges. wou have t be born the exin exa ca. >>immyhote ahi donhe firple?>>n aientimheidt sera fm try, ty nsideredstgynd
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wasnthedles e weed mak advancementsreff like arlatan e. befo it way spec i k thathere' soing to . alough we don't havllhe inrmation, wch mes i ey foreo tot ak adagfh j:re y int th, foe tlindpsyc s i eveg i'mot into per se. i skheeopl ou am- l iit >>my: y leanotor na seous - t gdeson so o f funiohi there' set titus tha rtun mo peoet chg are no>>immyouere cinf pla wook aut pre >>'vone rrc o troly d thk've ttrey odt i credi wnsoone' gogo ge birth bed o
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i started t to fun. elu thanrologyist i'vearns ittle abit. at,nl i rea abouitidmi." so don k qed i am. >> jimmy: yan tl soe' turerom rng tirlm? y caneally uture. thdea is tt the pal -- this exists reflexol it's aof cnt logi st hees o you han w ange inonhat' haeng ur a dein yin >> he g away ie r mar fro a pen. uldt a --ou ke tead my palm? wilectit.let try. >>immyi dot vetoo. [ ch ae ] >> thksevery. >>stf alan enti tha oe nd.yo-->>im:mi's handha itnd-sped. yours is - le iave waterhand
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i k youehacause ye ahorteralmatide wer fingers. [ laht>> jimmy: why do i thave earth hand t means ye me actica thanbeeassuhayoar jim ohhat' ue. t pe aumou were t. im: ttr>>ay'r gunthanerpemee w i pr t emotions mov wit th edic you' moredictperson. immy: th i can se ws ifalht >>immythis? no, if ias aarade? i'd le this >> wait, w okay. ay, yfiers e al
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>>ou fingereycleto whichgests to m thamae you are a ntrofr [ lahter >> jim: thatlde true, yeah, ah. >>nwave fge is really fay fest. hashbo w ecnt aoe't tbe te crowdndasunus i. t does ye see h fathe finger ola->>immy when i drin i have atendcy touty i a- doeean i as? >> ateaoue cssyor reye. ao meanu'n inllectual>>imit doeth. d't jmy:llgh. well rmo'en w wit a ainer. e you could l h has. alou . megax, ybody!
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hii'd liketo make a p-- resc im. sc, rescan. resc ipe ft mo gevomain menreprenta.reentareprtive.ich is wbeing .. x, we got th ...tome tt joat
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prtay 't fgot o y moga,d velsa li srtlks i'lle inwhe you slp. stl n't think i' g bin threme eug sp he in getoughyou hatkindain? a gree is a degree you're gonna want someon t only iu have arain.acon swthtme like that, gonnae ing.tha sast! whs thni o puts ginlson aubwagrat mi mone,ck
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u a ttra en'rhung. better muchette thisne wl ver ke theut,
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folks, y make is stuffp. fourts chousr ge bravo-n pu priuser. w s th s? er.
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nedestime lot stinengir maertt4wat>> je ak weg fox. n mziendhr spl o t y. "n rl" is sho zoe scnes on e e o mni lee, you weree eugh com and ll t gap? >> ion't do lot of tv, i w epti ohyery ng mo i amedynd'mot assiatededic gs anteto kha ty pid i ahoughtwa rely nny. i watch andhi show's hrica andvebody it reated.>> tarndic gf oplewe. reay nice,eayun ti. i'dnilmi a l i new york st good to be abl toe i l.a.
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rln new dyimmey aepu?s tre s feelint peri tre wefeling-ouperi mean,hey aepte th werellerykind i coulheree a -- e youer k going to ke ouatiocedesva, you mig beigh nance. they sort of -here was period wherey wereting s how i wasng to be. immy: hey fout y hadater andt fine.>> idid. jimmyguillermhi y ve sweyalms if he ter s, right? noeans ye a really >> jimightreome sit onylap, mes g to yopalm. oi to but >> guillermo: ts righ t's true. ls . >>t's nic be wt along. ok let getntois.have ade-rglife meansou're
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or you me m faraw om home. >> jimmy: yee c from me >> there y go i did not know theveryone,you're going to ser imprdy tei' is d heit's cnect toour fe icdicawaom sortateastsychictr fm thearlpareing. e ildhd. j:hat' ue h it 'teeba tirhiheck iddhe i serate >>immyothe meunhis mouac. yr ad le swos down whic mnsoue crte inr, y'r n ain keou'rorcrti ti yiet'tr? >>moye.:ea dinityah. ndhen y he a pret dee line >>im: !>>t fighthe. jmyre? hi le lki r w?
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>>immy oh m goodss. cloou hndete see thsis. y he -s sws tha u veaj latish yr life n't kw oue rey dll oersyrrge i mriag ne. jmy:e's married. >>here tee so hehatwo heigfica laships berer -- jim c i o tions? >> itsnw m ndero tbe ou fl thaimmy ie urfiatiops? gui: ll, he d -- the bestecng appene t mife. [ and ae ] jimmyseat?ank yo ll: fir i my n. jim t fir hsoseme, ts chalup. ght? tffyap come, megan
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mmal. jmy:exti youcome hoibt wot eful ion'te slo ew rl" manfobe rig bacth bckenzichpp] st. wa o pric ws se t con y fees andverage swight talk. ..o verage oamerics t and dependable 4lte networks. fohe at right. he lung o g yone
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o me rach n, iig just tot.puony. onkeaby.pp ppymkeyby... puy....mke ..aby ..uppyeyby..key. unta k. juicecame pdina the ne a oligardench
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as a quesadi ks fluent italrden yo gting hrt?here e yep. runc ] ! , so &
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alprgl! j wre. stlome,hraplen. ne movrom e o. to d.c. mics helays rooki cop future bat summrdating bypenguins and juniojon tham is to the feryon feaseme ben [ chrs alause ] >> jimmy effnd guysyntoy es >>he earthanhi myo he dirty eril iasating tha in mmy,o wteve you h, it'thit. jim very t su. yoe inmew yo? >>hat'ght, o f
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shhe show "dwogoth"?neyohere.i ewof.[ ch appe ] i staff ther empled ac>>im:ohrely sor lingdion he imov. >> they ve. i ally sred a bkbed. jimmy: , really? >> witholid. habu bed. oomsm tsharoomor nth. >> jimo got t topb >> got topbunk. immy: that is better? thp bunk -- you th top bunk the but years go by li ingoleep onbottomehost a coersaon wre you'r sttiead aun beit's a lose-lose. i was a bottom. laer ] immyowut wn y g y lady me, andhave b beds? >> firf all, you try asd as you possibly ca to her pl yeah. that'st eecove is sockdoor jim: tsassi
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im:t reayis d n comn ea, ease, plea jmy: what theguy' sleepinop bu >>ha mav happeimmy: , yeah for me t wldeee t. th w h been, all ri i' going toee yo for ht san o o, i thin my ay, go, y jongou timn nrkw? intc. leew . nerg othe c unevle th ieronit t f atl differ >> jimmy shootin ght >> shootincation, thecity ug iliy,an yoow ink 'sikheou frcrs t st. my: rit.>> t on gotham ,ye, that' >>my a youre le yoke,has. >> wano aout, i see u are srtine bit facl hair>> immy: cssnedon, iouot com yet
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i show and like it sndedicul whe ard id bu youe o you way tow comi comssior rd. >>ye >>im: comssnegordon en i theldatma swllco amotae. >> y. 'so -- morelligured. >> j: he'lso more full-figur >> he's a- not er>> jimmy: well, you know what i'm saying i'm notgestgig.bueus . i t kwant t lect of t -- apse >>im ney ritorouha >>hi :hi one i s m.>>o? atit t bnd blyeig am? jmy >> e --n
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ador or some i'm no.neatoice do he some cem yo to ne >>nothis. imheighta ltle stic usehe pi t one. thi could imayhermal of th>>s ts g ap :obly ton t's wt commissgo- rspp a certain ye mous a g ea. vet yes. tac ill a ment. the sh's v ccesul,e' gatwedo we'rava o dn me fingco jimmy which veryffent f c. which i think wn >> the be twashegestsheworl t o.c. >> i ow
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itweird. w a win , ye. immy likeeechadughf . s fi manhatt och mtdays noitng tre in n. >> jimmys have rea changed fu, for the >> the worse wpi ac. >>my:ngre g ver weor 's vy odo seeyou. ngralaons. th show comes bk on fruy th n ha"er
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ngnn: mmy el ve c sies sng. >> jimmyi wa tthanmen ann kenz a apole n,n t of nighis n but, s bum is cer reenhe co out
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we'rl plg ynd i'rgards at we e angn etn nd oths cou the srsome ou and shin a ty rn sbrht th drown to ls wn e sts cout hee
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down onay thn of sightin night mibe theht yh nit gh t nht o othose ns ce t ohhetae tsh a they o wn t doightco out
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me out rs come out hinitlin tot,rteerngt. ayis sin conc d >> theyerenceddecas binsno thetrill yone. the controversettin off m. inssio fns ak yde
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andre r there asheir s an. anwest's bge rumtsaay n le" on tonighiteserer"ede was million dt stasw j vngrhiis ha hood ls unven t otligh>> f ttle >>n rogue w the rnd performance


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